The Importance Of Psychology: Why Psychology Is Important.

Schools of Psychology & Psychology Courses

What Is The Importance Of Psychology?
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What Is The Importance Of Psychology?
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The Importance of Psychology

Psychology and It's Importance

What Is Psychology?

What does psychology mean and what is its function? Why is it so important? What is the name of someone who studies the subject?

People have many questions when it comes to the subject of psychology.
Some of these will be answered throughout this article.

Psychology is the connection of applied, educational and theoretical science.
It is the study of behavior, performance and the mental operations of people.

It is also in reference to the usage and application of skill, knowledge and understanding various activities undertaken by humans and how they are used through daily activities, whether that is within events, talking to people, education and employment, relationships and even treating mental health issues.

There are sub-areas of psychology, including in sports education, business and media, physical conditions and even human development. It involves other areas of study, including humanities, natural sciences and the social sciences.

Why Psychology Is So Important

The subject studies the mental processes and behavior of people.
It can be applied to various areas of the life of a human.
Everything a person does is connected to the subject.
In its primary form, psychology studies a person – who and what they are – it looks into why they act and think the way they do and how someone can improve himself.

It is extremely important for many factors, including helping to diagnose various diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and helping with understanding a person’s behavior and more about them.
Many doctors have been able to use the research from psychological studies to develop drugs and medicines to help with alleviating certain illnesses.

The subject allows people to understand more about how the body and mind work. It can help wit decision making and avoiding stressful situations.
It can help with managing times, set and achieve goals and become more effective with the way that a person lives. It also helps many tackle their mental illnesses and live life.

Psychology has helped me personally as a writer.
I can understand who I am and look at events on a more positive aspect.
I have become more determined to do the things I will enjoy and write on topics that I like. Whenever I have a problem, I can handle it better and make better decisions within my life, whether it is the projects I work on or the way I handle my time.

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Psychology and its importance

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Psychology and its Importance. The Importance of Psychology
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Psychology and its Importance. The Importance of Psychology
Source: Psychology
Psychology Emerges as a Separate Discipline -
Leipzig, Germany
[get directions]

Wilhelm Wundt opened the world’s first psychology lab in 1879 at the University of Leipzig. The official start of psychology as a separate discipline

General Psychology Psych 1 Lecture 1

Psychology For Dummies

Psychology For Dummies
Psychology For Dummies

Ever wonder exactly what psychologists do? Are you curious about how you learn, think, and feel? This user-friendly guide takes you from Freud to forensics to family matters as you explore the wonders of human behavior and discover how to know yourself and others better than ever before.

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Source: Why Psychology Is Important.
C.G. Jung & Psychology
C.G. Jung & Psychology
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Source: Why Psychology Is Important.

Ask a UT psychologist (relationship) -- James Pennebaker

Business Psychology

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

In The Power of Habit, Pulitzer Prize–winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed.


How Psychology Helps Relationships

The Importance of Psychology

Everyone uses psychology on a daily basis, whether they are talking with friends, arguing with a partner or disciplining their child. Most people just don’t realize that they’re doing this.
There are some ways that psychology helps with relationships and creating strong ones.

The building of relationships: psychology makes it easier to live with others by understanding them more and working with their behavior.

Improving communication: psychology and a greater understanding of it will help people communicate better. They will be more effective and helps to understand gestures and actions and understanding what a person really means.

Building self-confidence: my understanding more about you and your personality, you can gain more self-confidence. You learn more about your weaknesses and can build on them.

Enriching careers: you will be able to understand your coworkers more and stand a better chance of building friendships and understanding the way they work. It helps to deal with their actions to enrich your career.

Understanding psychology is important just for your daily life.

Good luck in using psychology to help enrich your life and build on your current relationships, as well as making the best decisions.

Psych 1 - General Psychology - Lecture 2

Psychology Quizz

Psych 1 - General Psychology - Lecture 3

Social Psychology

Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect
Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect

Lieberman, an award-winning social psychologist, shows readers how their brains may be wired, first and foremost, to harmonize and connect with others, rather than simply to act in their own interests.

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Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Great overview to help point people toward the area they might like to investigate further on their own. Blogging this on over to my healing blog and soul calendar blog for science, scheduled in about 2 weeks. Hopefully, this will get you some more readers too! Thanks a lot for such a good hub!

dr c profile image

dr c 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

Nice basic summary of some of the areas in psychology people may not be aware of. Love to hear more

CarolynnMarie profile image

CarolynnMarie 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Good summary of psychologist. As a doctoral student in psychology, I found it unusually comprehensive for a quick overview.

One of the newer and, in my opinion, well-embraced fields within psychology is Positive Psychology, which I would have liked to see mentioned as well.

jacobt2 profile image

jacobt2 6 years ago from Liverpool

this was a great hub, sounds like something you would read on wikipedia. thats a compliment lol

newsworthy 6 years ago

A most thorough and in depth hub on psychology,including facts that I needed to know. Thanks raymondphilippe.

lhady bloom 6 years ago

tnx for the webste!!!!!! it help a lot in my research paper !!!

god bless!!! more power!!!

jqs2009 5 years ago

Great overview! You definitely boil down the foundation of psychology and its subdivisions. We had to study all that in our psychology:) Keep up the good work.

aamna ehsan 5 years ago

ypur discription is well but the issue is this if psychology is toomuch important in our life than why this subject is not compoulsary. as it is important for a successfull life that we understand other and psychology helps alot in understanding of others. sothis subject must compulsary.

Aretas Modest 5 years ago

keep it up!

There is nothing more than psychology.

Psychology is more than anything and is everywhere.

by Aretas,

jayshri 5 years ago

its nice short paragraph about the understanding of psychology batter.

HARRISON 5 years ago

More comment on the "relevance of Psychology to Psychology" PLS this question should be publish for other persons to give thier contribution.THANKS

Abiha 5 years ago

I m psychology student. i want 2 say's that when it is too much important in our daily life then why should not include in pre medical sciences subjects.

Benish Siddiqui 5 years ago

I m B.Sc Psychology student. Thanks for these notes. it is helpful to prepare my notes sucessfully. God blees u.

candy 5 years ago

B.Sc psyc student. tx for the notes it came well in handy

Ayaan 5 years ago

Thanks 4 these notes. May God blees u.

lynette 5 years ago important psychology is..

jessica 5 years ago

its nice,..'i can get more information in a little explanation..'its good

kwen. 5 years ago


ASAD KHAN FUCLAS 5 years ago


LJ 5 years ago


now im done with my homework

danica mae 5 years ago

thank you,it helped me a lot

chen 5 years ago

thanks..i learned a lot from here..

venu  5 years ago

will take this subject for my upsc exams

fenel 4 years ago

yeess!!!goo psychology!!

maricel 4 years ago

bcoz of psychology i know my self better

jomar 4 years ago

because of psychology i improved m 5 aspects.. !!! ^_^

Yemdon 4 years ago

Psychology is a board course which just startd,since its al abt human n animal hop 2 enjoy it.

vincent 4 years ago

this is a good summary of psychology and i must applaud u for that as a first degree holder, and i can say the information has an impact the students, churches and organizations and individual as well and i will like to see often of that

patty mwendwa 4 years ago

though am new to psychology av liked the argument and shall keep watch .........

Ngumisirize Danlord 4 years ago

I have learned that psychology is a foundation to ones lifetime, because it starts right from birth and surrounds a person until his death, as a foundation lifts a stroyed building from its start to its crumbling moment.

mharsssss 4 years ago

love it,,, thanks....

xolile mbhele 4 years ago

i real do love psychology to i can say i real know my self interms of cogniteve and im look further to know more about it

Nnajiofor paulina .u. 4 years ago

i want to know more about this psychology as field of study in another dimension, because am interested in Councelling Psychology so how do i go about it. Thanks

Samuel Machuki 4 years ago

Its wonderful!!! please add more material.

Tanzeela 4 years ago

Its hlpd me alt

christian 4 years ago

this is great summary! thank you for sharing it!

zer0 4 years ago

my psycho teacher will love you

zegrum 4 years ago

It is good to release some important notes about important of psychology for Health professionals.thank you for your nice summary.

Mohammad Aziz Subhani MUST B.B.A Honrz 4 years ago

its gorgeous about psychology.Allah Always Bless U budy.

i have an question :

How psychology is important in Business administration?

jenny viv deleon 4 years ago

im not a psychology student but i love reading about it because it's so interesting..............i just want to ask something,"what are the symptoms of a cognitive psychology?

manisha tgomar 4 years ago


Andy Kamba 4 years ago

This is cool and though short it's brief

jennifer Adjei Yeboah 4 years ago

i'm apsychology student and helped in my research

turyahikayo boaz 4 years ago

no reference,why

raymondphilippe profile image

raymondphilippe 4 years ago via iphone from The Netherlands Hub Author

It's not an apa publication ;-)

Yem doo 4 years ago

infact this work has really helped me in completing ma term paper work!kudos

SUNNY 4 years ago


lukman BscPsy 4 years ago

A detail note of what Psy is all about

jing2x 4 years ago

why psychology is very interesting subject;;;;;;;;

enerlan 4 years ago

very helpful

regine  4 years ago

wow i like it, its nice that you already know the importance of psychology ,,, thank you for this it can helps me to answer my assignment

rogin 4 years ago

beacuse of your brilliant mind,now i know what is psychology is. thanks a lot. ahmm, by the way are you a doctor?

esther 4 years ago

i have found thir page really usefull ,thanks.

angelo 3 years ago

.. its good ! i have learn anything

nahida anjum 3 years ago

pscology is my life

ibe vivian 3 years ago

Thank u very much.I subcribed to your postulations on net on the subject matter psychology and various opinions Canvassed.

charles wathika 3 years ago

it is very clear n educative

ATIBO MUZAMIL 3 years ago

Hei students i have good reputation coz ov it

love u all

muyanja stephen kyambogo university BCBR course 3 years ago

the page is so interesting

Bapi parichha 3 years ago

it's my passion to study psy and it has a great influence in my life.After all it's wonderfull and mind catching


Thanks...... it halped me alot!!!!

robert eduful 3 years ago

pls let these information be free cos we guys from africa don't have money nor credit cards to buy the books. thanks for the information ,JAH bless.

omayma mughal 3 years ago

by rdng al ur cments on psycology i now gt intrstd in this subject thanx guys u al realized me the importance of this subject i recently start studying psyco as a subject

samuel idip 3 years ago

I gain admission into faculty of social science

department of psychology

I love course called psychology, with the following reason

psychology aid me read the mind of individual and groups of people, psychology psychology is important as it helps me in understanding myself better, it helps me to perceive things positively and it assists me in determining the things that I enjoy doing the most in life.

Duncan 3 years ago

psychology is the importance subjet of life; l love it.

Yusra 3 years ago

I like psych i love 2 study it becoz of tis grt intro and sme mre info shld b ad

Shola 3 years ago

I am psychologist. Nice write up.

Edcyl 3 years ago

this page helped me a lot.. :)) keep it up ;)

SIMON BUFUMBE 3 years ago

Psychology controls our life I like it because it shapes us

Eteka Robinson 3 years ago

Now I knw wat psychology is all about...... Thankz

Isaya Paskal 3 years ago

I love psychology,I need it and I will be psychologist. One Love

Dennis yaw boateng sarpong 3 years ago

Psychology helps us 2 describe the behaviour of people and also helps us 2 mingle with different kinds of people.

PHASE 3 years ago


pmokgwe 3 years ago

im hoplessly inluv wt my..

Girma 3 years ago

I want to know about the importance of personality theories in medicine & health sciences

mesfin neme 3 years ago

thank you so much.

MBKenston14yrs 3 years ago

I just wanted to know what impact psychology has on the communitoral environment.

Kingsley Anyin 3 years ago

Psychology is very important as it help me in understanding myself better, especially its help in building relationships, enrich my carrer. I love this studies, thanks to Jean Piaget.

mahamoud said 3 years ago

I love psychology because it make me know psychological needs of human been.

Catherine wanzau 3 years ago

Am a psychology student..en lov it wd a passion. T has helped me revise 4 ma exam..long live psyc!!

edwin da genius 3 years ago

I love psychology because its part of me as i eat,drink and sleep it

Vishal chaubey 3 years ago

I am a student of b.a in psychology i know to its importence of our daily life and its importence of a teachar and learners

mary mighden 3 years ago


i learn more about psycology

jenny 3 years ago

thank you very much to the author it help me much..more power :)

elizabeth wafizy 3 years ago

thanks coz i av learnt a lot from here

winks 3 years ago

w/out psychology we are nothing

marmar 3 years ago

yeah...right important to our life... :)

ner 3 years ago

what is its relevance to our coosen career

chris 3 years ago

thnks a lot,i learned a lot from heare

hi :) i'm JULEMIE 3 years ago

U JUST GAVE ME SUCH IDEA ..... thanks 4 it!! very nice .. it really touches REALITY ...

justin 3 years ago

tnx.!!!!!!!!i learned a lot,!tnx,,!!!!!!1


alex carillo 3 years ago

i thanks to the author of this cos it help me a lot, especially my assignment. just keep on blogging cos it can help a lot of people, an idea about psycho and everything. godspeed!

Creator love 3 years ago

Psychology is very interesting and important in our life...may jah bless

Creator love 3 years ago

Psychology is very interesting and important in our life...may jah bless

nathan kiptui 2 years ago

I like psychology like never before.this is what we do on a daily basis. be blessed people

augustine 2 years ago

this is wonderful now im ready to seat for my exam

ignugent17 profile image

ignugent17 2 years ago from Central Illinois , USA Level 2 Commenter

Wow very busy hub too many comments. This only means psychology is important. Thanks for sharing

sahara 2 years ago

why business administration student study pscology

jalal 2 years ago

thanx alot helps me alot in understanding what is psychology

cyrex19 2 years ago

I`m marketing management student

tnx for a lot of idea that I can learned regarding on psychology

and now I understand why psychology is very important and it also used for our everyday life

thanks and more power to you!!!


Psychology is very important as it help me in understanding myself better, especially its help in building relationships, enrich my carrer. I love this studies, thanks you

sree 2 years ago

i love psychology

kanwalkhan 2 years ago

psychology is to complicated but reading is eassy...psychology is very important 4 us they build up over mind how to treat others...its very awsum subject..thnx 4 alot of idea that i can learned regards to im understand..thank u.. 2 years ago

i love psychology 2 years ago

it helps m a lot.. tnx

victor ronoh 23 months ago

thanx 4 the notes they have helped me alot in my studies in understanding psychology better

Franklin Owor 22 months ago

Great data. Thx.

ASIIMWE ALEX 20 months ago


Doge 17 months ago

Much psychology. very mind

rauhat muhamed 17 months ago

its so nice subject that always help me

karinhistory profile image

karinhistory 15 months ago

I couldn't imagine a world without people using insights gained by psychological research. Good work!

nocomment profile image

nocomment 15 months ago

Psychology, is as you have written important and interesting. Voted up.

Agber Samuel Jnr. MP 13 months ago

This great approach is very educating and expecially to educationlist, authors, wirter and students.

raymondphilippe profile image

raymondphilippe 13 months ago via iphone from The Netherlands Hub Author

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciated.

Ajah Ben 13 months ago

I found this page very useful in my psychological research. But more work need to be done. More information need to be added. Thanks

s kas 10 months ago

thanks very much for letting me know what psychology is and its importance.i ve really enjoyed.please add more dear its helps us.

CleanWater LM profile image

CleanWater LM 9 months ago from South Africa

Thank you for taking the time to give this overview. I am afraid lots of people still psychology is all about "mad" people locked up in the "loony bin" People need to realize how it can be used in everyday life.

abdifatah 7 months ago

so iam teacher of psycholgoy who teach the student of health school

Esther Edet 5 months ago

Thanks alot for such concise importance of psychology. Our everyday living is psychology in deed.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 months ago from London, UK Level 3 Commenter

Very informative. Thanks. I saw it on Twitter.

asia 2 months ago

I'm very happy to visite this page psychology is very interesting if we understand, thanks for guiding me

ROMANA PETER 6 weeks ago

Thanks the author you have helped so much in my assignment never seen a good explanations well arranged and so simple english used. Nothing more than "BE BLESSED"

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